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First post ever.

I'm mostly just posting this so the page won't look so plain because Heather's asleep now so she won't reply to this anyway. Uh....You know what I hate lately? Those fucking stupid hardcore kids who go all apeshit over Chuck Norris. And the only reason is because of Texas Ranger or whatever show he was in. It's not funny, he's not hardcore. He's some old washed up has been who made shitty movies about POW camps in the 80s. Now he's sucking dick for steroids or something. I don't hear Bury Your Dead covering any Gene Autrey songs. Why not? He was a cowboy too. And all hardcore kids totally hate the Marlboro Man, why though? He's like the most popular cowboy ever. Hardcore kids are fucking stupid. Cowboys are not cool, they're fucking over. Black hair dye, coke, shitty music, even shittier vocals, predictable breakdowns, they all look the fucking same and they all like camo and cadet hats and they're big fucking pussies and hypocrites. No drugs or fucking but they won't think twice about beating someone's ass. I'd love for some scene kid to come over to my house so I could gut him like a pig and leave his dumb ass hanging on a flagpole outside my house to serve as an example of what faggots like that get for polluting up the air that I breathe with their Videl Sassoon hairspray and white belt paint fumes.
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